Print Media

Our wide selection of paper assures that we can create prints that match the feel and texture of your original art. Our staff is available to explain the different types of paper and help you choose the one that is best for your print.

Alpine Smooth Archival Matte Paper 230 gsm

Alpine Smooth Archival Matte Paper 230 gsm is a smooth, bright white, alpha cellulose, paper. This acid free and lignin free paper is perfect for your finest matte prints.

Alpine 11.5 Mil ESatin Photo Paper

Alpine 11.5 Mil ESatin Photo Paper is heavy enough to withstand the roughest handling while simultaneously offering the most refined image quality and color reproduction available. The Alpine 11.5 Mil ESatin Photo Paper is a brilliant white photo paper with a satin/luster finish that has just the perfect amount of sheen for vibrant photographic images that pop without being too distractingly glossy.

Alpine 10 Mil Satin Photo Paper

Alpine 10 Mil Satin Photo Paper is perfect for the highest quality fine art & photographic images that need extra rigidity and kink resistance without breaking the bank. The rapid dry, wide color gamut coating technology will ensure the highest quality prints and fast turnaround time eliminating the risk of smudging and fingerprinting. The Alpine 10 Mil Satin Photo Paper can be used for a wide variety of photographic applications ranging from fine portraiture to limited edition landscape.


Photo Rag

308 gsm · 100% cotton · white
Hahnemühle Photo Rag® is one of the world’s most popular papers and the valued all-rounder for high-quality FineArt inkjet printing. The white cotton artist’s paper, with its characteristic, wonderfully soft feel, boasts a lightly defined felt structure, lending each artwork a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth. Combined with the matt premium inkjet coating, this paper produces outstanding prints that feature brilliant colours, deep blacks, striking contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail.

Albrecht Dürer

210 gsm · 50% Cotton · 50% α-Cellulose · white
This traditional mould-made watercolour paper lends an artistic feel to art reproductions and photographs.

Photo Rag® Satin

310 gsm · 100% Cotton · white satin-finish
Photo Rag® Satin bestows fine art reproductions and photographs with a soft sheen. It renders mirror and gloss effects particularly well. The unprinted areas remain matt.

FineArt Baryta

325 gsm · 100% α-Cellulose · bright white · high-gloss
FineArt Baryta is a paper that sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition. This paper gives the "wow" factor particularly to black and white prints with extremely high density and finest grey tones. Using barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating ensures the typical gloss that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional Baryta papers from analogue laboratories.

FineArt Baryta Satin

300 gsm · 100% α-Cellulose · white · satin finish
FineArt Baryta Satin is a barite paper with a white and satin-gloss surface. The amount of barium sulphate in the coating in conjunction with a micro porous ink receiver layer provides exceptional image results with large colour space and intensive colouring. FineArt Baryta Satin enables extremely deep blacks (Dmax), excellent image sharpness and is perfect for black-and-white photography.


Alpine 21 Mil Premium Matte Canvas

The Alpine 21 Mil Premium Matte Canvas sets the bar for smooth bright white poly-cotton canvas for photographic reproduction. The smooth 2 over 1 oxford weave and brilliant white point will provide for the widest color gamut and best DMAX available.

Alpine 19 Mil Premium Satin Canvas

The Alpine 19 Mil Premium Satin Canvas features a highly durable instant dry satin coating which qualifies this product to be printed and finished without the need for liquid laminates or protective coatings.

Alpine 21 Mil Premium Metallic Canvas

The Alpine 21 Mil Premium Metallic Canvas is a bright white poly-cotton canvas with a sophisticated pearlescent finish and premium quality weight.