Internet Development

Custom is not a dirty word...and it doesn't have to equal expensive. We don't have 30 templates for you to choose from. When it comes to designing your site, one size should not have to fit all. We take the time to create a website that is sleek, functional and unique to you and your business.

Ongoing support is fundamental to our business philosophy. It's included with every project. We won't leave you high and dry once a project is complete. We want to contribute to your company's success in the long term. Your success is our success!

The Lazarus Group programs websites, our products are not out-sourced or produced with canned products.  Our system is web-based and accessible from anywhere with a computer, Internet access, and the administrator’s log-in information. The CMS entry forms are standard with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content viewing. As you enter text, each article is categorized and assigned smart tags.

We have a custom developed system that is proprietary to our coding structure. We believe using our CMS is the best way to provide updatable content—seamlessly—to our web-based interface.

We are proponents of open source software and use it in many of our solutions. Using our CMS system provides better security and usability than the current open source options.

Technology is a “living” thing. A static website is a dead website. In order to keep it flourishing, we believe three key elements must be in place:

  • Clarity—clear, current, and useful content (a touch of fun doesn’t hurt, either).
  • Freshness—regularly incorporating new, compelling content.
  • Interactivity—creative ways for site visitors to become involved and vested in your website.


To deliver these elements, we need to continue working together in meeting your current needs, proactively maintaining your site, and anticipating the future. We plan to work with you a long time.